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(a new song from the compilation album ‘faithful’)

It started with a dream. Not just a picture or a sense impression, but one of those dreams so real it refuses to fade once the day starts. "I woke up to remember I had just been standing in a crowd", says songwriter Miriam Webster. "I was watching as a street performer was doing some tricks & gestures. Suddenly he snapped his fingers and the whole crowd went into a trance, all except for me. As I left, walking frontwards out of the crowd I found myself speaking 'the blood of Jesus'. I remember looking up to see the man's eyes on me with a completely stunned look on his face. I could see he was utterly shocked that I hadn't fallen under his spell. I remember the peace of God as I was leaving and being so thankful and in awe at how protected and covered I was by the blood of Jesus" .


"This vision reminded me of the verse from 1 John 5:19: 'We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one. 'The following day while at the piano I began to write about what I'd seen and understood. This part became the verse and then I found a melody I'd recorded a while ago. I joined them together and that's how 'Forever thankful' came into being".

'Forever Thankful' is a song about salvation. It's about the love of God that sought us and overcame every obstacle to reach and save us. It's about his grace, peace, freedom and the simple fact that when we see for ourselves the power that the blood of Jesus has to break any and every chain, we can't help but be thankful.


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